Southern Alps Ski Club and S.A.S.C. Lodge Co-Op jointly hold one share in the Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve.

Ben Ricketts shareholders are dedicated to conserving the unique plant & animal biodiversity of the Illawarra escarpment and providing affordable holiday accommodation to families, groups and individuals.

There are three fully equipped cabins available for holiday rental. Nestled in a quiet haven of the Illawarra escarpment rainforest, the 40 hectare property is an enjoyable, peaceful place for individuals, families and groups to relax completely.

Mainly covered in rainforest vegetation with creeks, glades and open paddocks, Ben Ricketts is home to echidnas, wombats, swamp wallabies, greater gliders and a great variety of birds. Listen to the lyrebirds, bowerbirds, catbirds, whipbirds and sugar gliders.

S.A.S.C. has allocation of 10 shareholder bookings per year at shareholder rates (about 1/3 of the guest rate). After the shareholder allocation has been used members are allowed to book at the advertised rates.

Contact Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve 4236 0208  or

Working bees for 2016

Four working bees are proposed for 2016 and participation is welcomed from all, especially those who have not been to one of these enjoyable events.

The dates are:

16th and 17th April

6th and 7th August

29th and 30th October (the AGM will be on Sunday 30th October)