SLOPES | The Ski Lodges Organisation of Perisher, Smiggins and Guthega.

SLOPES is a dedicated group who look after Club Lodge interests. All Club Lodges are members of SLOPES which carries influence with the authorities that manage the Perisher Range resorts.

SLOPES have assisted Clubs by providing effective negotiation with NPWS, Planning NSW, Insurance Companies, Fire & Rescue NSW and others for matters of concern or interest to the lodges.
IPART review, Plan of management, Lease renewal, Additional bed purchase, Land Valuations, Insurance, and many other matters have been scrutinised by SLOPES.

SLOPES also circulate information from NPWS, Perisher Resort, Planning NSW

SLOPES also assist with funding and coordination of resort activities like Easter “Back to Perisher” and June long weekend “Perisher Music Festival” and the Perisher Cup in September.

SLOPES are currently representing the lodges for the NPWS review of environmental carrying capacity in the alpine resorts and with the Governance Review for Perisher Range resorts.