Southern Alps Ski Club is a member of the Thredbo Historical Society which incorporates Friends of Thredbo.


The Thredbo Historical Society consists of two symbiotic entities:

  • Friends of Thredbo
  • The Ski Museum with its evocative snow sports collection

The community can engage with the Thredbo Historical Society through -

  • Visiting the Ski Museum in Thredbo
  • Becoming a Friend of Thredbo to support the Society which preserves the history of snow sports
  • Participating, as a Friend of Thredbo, by attending social functions
  • Receiving informative quarterly Newsletters
  • Contributing acquisitions to the treasured multi dimensional collection.

The Society publishes regular newsletters; the latest can be opened by clicking on the link below:

THS newsletter 63 - March 2016

THS newsletter 62 - September 2016

THS newsletter 61 - April 2016

THS newsletter 60 - October 2015