There are three Southern Alps membership categories:

Club Membership

Southern Alps Ski Club Inc is open for new members who have been nominated and seconded by existing financial members of SASC.

Club Member Benefits

  • Entitled to book SASC Lodge accommodation after Lodge members but prior to Temporary member booking period - see dates on the tariff sheet.

  • Members with “Single” SASC membership are entitled to SASC Club Member accommodation rates for themselves. Associates of the members are classed as Temporary Members.

  • Members with “Family” SASC membership are entitled to SASC Club Member accommodation rates for themselves, the nominated associate and any dependant children (U19 years) listed on the SASC membership register.

  • Receive four SASC Newsletters annually

  • Eligible attend Club meetings - usually 4 per year.

  • Eligible to attend and vote at SASC AGM.

  • Eligible for election to the SASC Committee.

  • Eligible to participate in SASC subcommittee calendar events

  • Benefits of a share holding in Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve.

Further information is available from the Club secretary.

Current membership fees are:

$180 (Paid once only - first year Annual fee is additional to the Initial Joining fee)

Initial Joining fee -

Annual fees

Single Adult

Family Membership

Junior Membership


$65 (Includes children U19 years) 

$20 (Children U19 years not included in a family membership)

New member applications must be accompanied by:

  • Completed membership application form (please open from link, complete details, print, sign and send to the secretary with letters and payment).

  • Letter from you the Applicant

  • Letter of recommendation from the Proposer

  • EFT or cheque to cover applicable fees

Please contact The Club Secretary for further information.


Temporary Members:

  • Temporary members are SASC Lodge guests that are not Lodge or Club members

  • Entitled to book SASC Lodge accommodation from the Temporary member booking opening dates shown on tariff sheet.

  • Entitled to SASC Temporary member rates