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Club Hoodie and T-Shirt sale

Remaining stock of the Club hoodies and long T-Shirts will be available at the End of Season Celebration on 25th October.   Hoodies - $50 T-Shirts - $30

Remaining stock of the Club hoodies and long T-Shirts will be available at the End of Season Celebration on 25th October.

Hoodies - $50
T-Shirts - $30

Volunteers needed - Greening Australia

Greening Australia are coordinating a volunteer weed control program this year in conjunction with NSW NPWS in the alpine areas of Kosciusko National Park.

Volunteers will likely be involved in weed control and some surveying work on the following dates:
9 to 13/12/19, 10 to 14/2/20 and 2 to 6/03/20.
Each trip requires 8 people for the 4 nights.

Perhaps this volunteering could be coordinated with your summer visit to the mountains.

Contact - Ben Hanrahan | Senior Project Officer | Greening Australia

Perisher Historical Society Winter Newsletter


Thredbo Historical Society Winter Newsletter

Perisher X-Country

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Charlotte Pass Snow Resort

Charlotte Pass Snow Resort have outlined their 10 year master plan to upgrade facilities at Charlotte Pass ............... see more> 

CPSR Newsletter - Top of the World follow the link ……… here>

Resort Round up Newsletter

NPWS have released the Winter 2019 edition of Resort Round-up.

A newsletter for the resorts community of Kosciuszko National Park
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to read more.

Whose Idea was Thredbo?

Chas Keys has written an article Whose Idea was Thredbo after questions were raised following the publication of his book "Thredbo: Pioneers, Legends, Community", click here to read Chas's article


As we know the Charlotte Pass and Perisher Governance Review concluded with Charlotte Pass Snow Resort being granted the head lease at Charlotte Pass but the process failed to find a suitable head lessor for Perisher, Smiggin Holes and Guthega.

N.S.W. Government has recently approved direct head lease negotiations between Vail Resorts and N.P.W.S. for the head lease of Perisher, Smiggin Holes and Guthega. Vail resorts currently operate the mountain facilities, retail spaces and food outlets at the resort.

There is wide community support from the Perisher Chamber of Commerce and SLOPES. Thredbo and Charlote Pass resorts are successfully managed under head lessor.

Our existing lease for Kahane Lodge allows for inclusion of a head lessee.

Perisher Range Projects 2018 - 2019 - Project summary report


SASC Newsletters

Alpsport - SASC

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Travel Insurance for Snowsports

JLT have organised exclusive arrangement for Aussie snowsports; contact Danielle Snelling

The following companies support Southern Alps Junior program and deserve you patronage.

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Alpsport special offer for SASC members-click here