Lodge Rules

Please observe the following rules ensure a pleasant stay in our lodges for yourself and other guests.


  • The Managers or Lodge Caretaker are in complete control of the lodge at all times.

  • Guests wishing to extend their stay are required to pay the Manager or Caretaker in advance.

  • Coffee & tea are available at any time. Members are required to keep Bar area clean.

  • Entrance doors are locked, please memorise code.

  • Members are responsible for the safety of their valuables, cash, credit cards, equipment and clothing while staying in the Lodges; the Lodge Co-Operative cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of such items.

  • Members are responsible for the behaviour of their children and will be required to pay for any repair or replacement of any damaged property.

  • Members are required to maintain a reasonable standard of dress in dining and lounge areas. Night wear, bare feet or scruffy footwear are not permitted.

  • To ensure a pleasant rest for all guests the Lodge has to be quiet after midnight.

  • Fire escapes & extinguishers are clearly marked throughout the Lodge. Please familiarise yourself with their position and do not obstruct them.

  • No Ski Equipment to be bought into any part of the lodge except the Ski Room.

  • Guests making trips outside the valley are asked to sign the Touring Book, before departure and on return.

  • On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated by 9:00am and can be occupied at 2:00pm (Bags may be left in the TV Room).


  • Please be on time for meals – Breakfast: 8.00 to 8.30am     Lunch: Southern Alps (Charlotte Pass) only 12:30pm       Dinner: 6:30pm or 7.00pm.

  • No meals will be served outside these times.

  • Subject to arrangements with the managers on the preceding day, it may be possible to cater for casual meals for Members & Guests. Payment must be made when making arrangements. See Tariff sheet for casual meal prices.

  • Members are required to set their tables and clear & clean tables after meals. Plates must be scraped & stacked ready for staff to wash.

  • Co-operation is necessary in keeping living area clean & tidy.

Before Departure

  • Christiania and Kahane – Remove linen from room and deposit as directed. 

  • Southern Alps- remove your towel, sheets and pillow-slip and pack with your baggage.

  • Remove any waste from your room and place in garbage and recycling bins as directed.


  • Food preparation areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Please be aware other guests will also need to prepare their meals. Dishes must be washed and put away promptly after use.

  • Kitchen garbage bins and recycling must be removed  to external garbage areas regularly.

  • Guests are responsible for keeping the lodge common areas clean and tidy during their stay.

  • Guests must thoroughly clean bedroom and en suite on day of their departure. Blankets are to be left folded at the end of the bed.

  • Any unused perishable food must be removed from fridge and storage areas before departure.

Booking Terms & Conditions

    Minimum booking period is 2 nights, however one night bookings may be made through the Lodge manager - When Co-OP linen is provided a $10 surcharge will be added to the daily tariff.
    Bookings are restricted to one (1) week in school holiday at any of the Lodges. If more than one week is required book the week before or after the school holiday.

    Unless booking form is fully itemised and properly filled out it will not be accepted.
    Separate booking form and payment is required for each booking period.

    Rates quoted on the Tariffs Sheet may be subject to a Levy Surcharge in the event of cost increases.

    Minimum 50% deposit must accompany winter bookings made prior to the 1st June each year; the balance of the total tariff must be paid in full at least 21 days before the booked date.

    Cancellations are required in writing. Percentage refund of the FULL booking charge will be determined by the timing of cancellation notice and the booking commencement date. More than 21 days notice 80% refunded, between 21 days & 7 days 20% refunded, within 7 days no refund will be paid. No further bookings will be accepted until full payment for cancellation has been paid.

    The S.A.S.C. Lodge Co-Op Ltd will endeavour to provide services (electricity, water, sewerage, heating etc.)
    However as the lodges are located in the middle of the snowfield, certain interruptions to the services may sometimes be unavoidable. Should any breakdown occur, the S.A.S.C. will try to provide alternative amenities but will not be responsibility to refund any amount paid on account of accommodation. We reserve the right to return bookings in full.

    NO SPECIAL FACILITIES ARE AVAILABLE at the lodges for infant care.

    Parents are responsible for ensuring that children in their care behave reasonably and do not impact other Lodge guests through excessive noise, running, slamming doors etc.

    Guests and members agree to be bound by the rules and by-laws of the S.A.S.C. while on the premises.

  10. LINEN
    Towels, sheets and pillow-slip are supplied at Kahane (Perisher) and Christiania (Thredbo) during the winter season and Christmas catered periods only.
    Members and guests must provide their own linen at Southern Alps Lodge (Charlotte Pass) for winter and summer bookings.

    For obvious operational reasons, Lodge menus are prepared on a recurring basis and do not normally provide for a choice of meals. Members with special dietary requirements are therefore requested to carefully consider their position before booking accommodation, in light of the possibility that the established menus may not be suitable or coincide with their dietary needs.

    If arriving late, please advise the manager on the day of expected arrival if dinner is required to be kept. It may be reheated in the microwave oven.